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21 December 2005

Hocken and Canyon

A while back, Dino got a ticket for getting into the shared-left turn lane 1 car length early to turn left. She did so because Canyon-West was backed up to that point. At no point did she cross a double-yellow line or a white line.

A cop pulled her over and gave her a $330 ticket for 'passing in a no passing zone'. We talked to 5 different cops (Beaverton Police and Washington County Sheriff) and they all said that wasn't valid. They said that they would not have ticketed for 1 car length, but even if they would it would have to be 'misuse of a special left turn lane'.

Now, here's the kicker. The cop said the reason was that the shared left turn lane was there for oncoming traffic to go into the driveways. We went and checked, and took photos. She spent 14.5 feet in that lane. Oncoming traffic would have to go 500 feet to get to a legal left turn.

Will let you know.