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22 December 2005

Senators propose taxing Internet shopping | Tech News on ZDNet

How greedy can politicians get....

1) I do not have to pay California taxes right now because I am not under California jurisdiction. California has no legal right to impose ANY law on me.
2) IF I had a store in California, then that store (and thus the business) would be under California jurisdiction. Then, I would be obliged to collect taxes.
3) Just because someone in California decides to place a phone call to me in Oregon (which is what DSL does) does not put me into California jurisdiction.
4) IF I was obliged to follow the tax laws for every state that I am not currently under jurisdiction of, then what is to stop individual communities from imposing their own? For example, if you sell libertarian books to the town of Nowheresville,TX (population 50) you are required to pay 90% sales tax on that item with a $2 million dollar fine for failure to do so -- what? you didn't know Nowheresville,TX had that law? well, that's your fault.
5) What piece of software are they going to force upon all business owners that: a) works on whatever computer/OS the business is running; b) has a solution for small businesses without computers; c) never crashes or fails; d) isn't proprietary; e) can't be hacked; f) is always up-to-date; g) integrates with all POS software currently in use; h) etc etc -- it's friggin stupid
6) Worried about loosing jobs overseas? This kind of law would encourage businesses to transfer their entire business. Since it is all online, it doesn't matter what country they are in.