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13 December 2005

Diebold CEO Resigns Under Cloud

I kicked a diebold truck a few weeks ago.

Posted by outsider on Wed Dec 14 00:12:00 PST 2005
You know, I am not one to usually encourage violence -- but man do I get offended seeing them here.  People think that they are only responsible for the voting machine votes -- and don't realize their machines also did the paper ballots locally.  And their only competition is run by another Texan company headed by his brother.

You got to tell me, how did it feel? Did you feel satisfaction? Did you say anything like "take that f*cker?" (does MySpace delete posts/accounts if we don't self-censor?)

Posted by Malachi on Wed Dec 14 00:18:00 PST 2005
It was at the WellsFargo by Fred Meyers. I didn't think much about it. I saw, I kicked, I thought twice about using the diebold atm there.

Posted by outsider on Wed Dec 14 08:20:00 PST 2005