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17 August 2006

News from the Net

Now that Facebook has launched a Developer API, maybe I should consider switching... Oh where are you dear Orkut invite?

The Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station should choose me as an expert programmer and in pattern recognition... Wait, that makes me sound like an AI

And there is yet another Linux-based phone

You ready for another wave of solar flares?

Wow, this is kinda enlightening.  Do you think people pay more for unlocking features, or limited trial? Find out.  I have to say, VERY good methology by the original test mentioned.

Patent review via wiki?

Oh, in response to a previous Slashdot comment I left... Someone mentioned Fair Play Games is having a blowout sale, so if you'd like to get the 3D Wooden Settlers for about 1/2 price, or some of the other games, check it out.

I new space facility is to be built in Nova Scotia

Wow. They are now selling portable hacking handhelds

Did you know that Voyager 1 is travelling about 1 million miles per day? I sure didn't

New security measures coming soon?

Well, shortly after we celebrated that the USA and ICANN was no longer going to be in control, it appears that their contract got extended

VMWare announces winners of the Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge

Don't see how they are going to manage this, but YouTube wants to make every music video every created available for free within 18 months