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18 August 2006

News from the Net

The FBI doesn't seem capable of upgrading software

Dell moves to AMD

Planets, asteroids, planetoids... make up your mind... well, one of these days, our moon would be reclassified as a planet

Boeing abandons in-flight internet access -- not too surprising since you can't have your laptop anymore in some places (and coming soon to an area near you, we can assume), eh?

TiVo wins against EchoStar. Besides the $90million in damages, all of EchoStar's DVRs have to be disabled in the next 30 days. Hope you aren't using one.

You've heard conflicting reports about whether flourine is good for you... Well, it seems it is good for silicon transistors which now reach 100GHz

Want to know when Star's quit shining? Take a look

Volunteers in Tibet create a wireless mesh for phone and data service to the community.

Been wondering how likely the liquid explosives on a plane were? Well, find out

Shortly after we find that the Blu-Ray players won't play Blue-Ray movies, we find that XBox 360's HD-DVD player won't support HD-DVD games. What a joke

CO2 Jets bursting out of the Martian Ice Cap?

Ok, I won't tell you what this is about... At least read the synopsis

OMFG!!! A US District Judge (Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit) rules that the NSA Wiretapping is Unconstitutional!!!

After years of using VirtualDub, someone stole the trademark...  Whatever happened to requiring it not be something already in common use?

Go Detroit!
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Posted by Silver on Fri Aug 18 00:46:00 PDT 2006