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21 August 2006

News from the Net

Microsoft recalls Small Business Server

Scientists think Goldfish are smarter than dolphins... Yeah, right... so let's see them save a drowning Timmy

A new wireless router from Asus can be used to download torrents with your PC turned off

Hasubanonine may be a addictive-free alternative to morphine

AIDS vaccine passes first phase trials.  By the sounds of how it works, that specific drug would be very harmful to people with IBS/UC/etc... Of course, doubt they thought of that

Google doesn't think viewers should have to watch commercials that are a waste of your time... so what kind of commercial are they going to run?

Online biometric payment service?

EA plans to invade your privacy if you agree to it by simply playing a game on XBox Live

Dwave Systems plans to offer paid use of a superconducting quantum computer starting next year... I *really* need to use that service :)

Google has launched, their answer to Word... Weird thing is, it didn't just let me log in with my GMail account... I posted my Resume to test it out... Too bad they are using ASP (yech)

The comment about 'diffraction grating' on this new display technology makes me think holographic displays may not be that far off

Scientists have found molecules that spontaneously form honeycomb patterns. Might this lead to self-assembling organic networks?

The FDA has approved a virus as a food additive to meats

Even though I won't buy Intel products, I know some of you might like info on the new Quad Cores (motherboards available)

Eric Raymond may soon loose his open source supporters

A followup to an earlier post... If you have an EchoStar DVR, the injunction is temporarily blocked

The recent NASA Competition was won by two emerging space companies

You all know that Scientists think the appendix serves no useful purpose... They used to think the thalamus was a fairly primitive structure too -- until they realized it essentially boots your brain

Sony was denied a patent in the UK on the basis that it took away P2P users' anonymity. Score one for the good guys

Since companies that assisted the NSA wiretapping are in for some serious legal problems, can't we do something abot the a*hole in charge of the administration as well?

Kind of lame, the Microsoft and EA thing.  I'm not certain if that outweighs my desire to have a 360 and Madden, though I feel daunted.  It is entirely possible that I would give EA that info anyways if I intended to play online, but I certainly don't like them being handed it without being up front about the exchange.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Mon Aug 21 04:06:00 PDT 2006