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28 August 2006

News from the Net

Steal This Film is available for download

So by now, many of you are aware how much I like OLED... How about in clothing form -- called Lumalive

Some of you are aware that Google has been hosting EOTI's email since the Polish hacker decided to wipe out our server... They have now added Calendar and Talk to the domain-hosted accounts...

The NYT blocks Linux from accessing their videos. That's ok, really. Every time a link leads to a NYT article, I don't even bother logging in to read it.

This is just funny

Researchers use online sales software to predict the properties of atomic structures

Haha! Ever wonder what Customer Support and Accounting are more likely to do than IT? Steal lunches

Don't loose your iPod, or they will turn the plane around and alert the bomb squad

Want to make a living by posting articles and blogs?

OSU takes a close look at a place off the oregon coast that is becoming a giant crab and fish graveyard due to hypoxia and many anoxia

The BBC is reporting that Spring is coming earlier and earlier every year

A Neuroscience professor gives up after activists firebomb family, colleagues and elderly neighbors

So how long until Bush attacks Iran for their new Nucleur plant?

NASA delays launch of Shuttle Atlantis

A Turkish hacker tracks down pedophiles

Google launches Google Trends. Living in Beaverton, I decided to search for it. I was a bit surprised by the results.

Supercomputer doubles performance

If you had funded the X-Prize, maybe you could have been the first female tourist in space.

Judge strikes down violent video game ban

SO, you want to see the real impact between majority and double majority voting?  I called into the Thomas Hartmann show once and told them that I didn't agree with their opinion that 5% voter turnout should be able to change things like taxes and laws -- to which he disagreed.  Well, it appears that there were 2700 astronomers at the conference that demoted Pluto from planet status -- and only 10% of them even voted.  It took less than 270 people to decide that everything you were taught about our solar system was wrong.

For the few Intel fans out there, read for a review of the Core 2 Duo

This isn't good. It appears a recent study shows spam increases stock values

Stem Cell research may soon get a major boost, since they can now be harvested from Adults.

Barney gets the smack-down

Now see, what idiot would sell illegal software (instead of giving it away)? Well, he got 6 years in jail

Sony hasn't been doing good, and the new battery recall really hurt their stock

This is really really lame.  I can't believe that a Neuroscience professor gives up after activists firebomb family, colleagues and elderly neighbors.  Good job activists! I'm glad that you support your beliefs with violence....gosh...sound like any major countries we know? Nah....

Posted by Sarah on Mon Aug 28 03:02:00 PDT 2006
I still remember when I was like 13 or 14, Greenpeace was asking me for donations (via postal mail) so that they could blow up oil tankers. Love how that would keep oil out of the water.

Posted by Malachi on Mon Aug 28 03:07:00 PDT 2006
What gets me is that they have so little regard for human life in their persuit of protecting animal life.  Sad that people can be so...lame.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Mon Aug 28 08:56:00 PDT 2006