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02 August 2006

News from the Net

Physicist comes up with invisibility, Romulan Style

Educators start stockpiling prior art in order to fight educational patents

Evidence is in that the internet makes money for the USPS, not looses it... Although email is widespread, so are online stores, which in turn need package delivery.

Evidentally, women like tech better than diamonds. Guess I am not too surprised since Dino hates diamonds, and has some pretty nice tech.

The Spanish region of Extremadura has gone completely open source

This one is the few of you out there that don't think the police are overstepping their bounds. How would you like it if the next time your kid played in a tree they got arrested, dna tested and locked in a cell for 2 hours?

Scientists think they can cut radioactive half-life in half

Biometric Vending Machines... Don't really need to say more do I?

Now for those who have an interest in making CG movies, this might make you drool

Ownership of the OpenGL API has been moved to Khronos Group

New 3D Virtual Surgery software created at BYU

Net Neutrality lies brought out in the open

Nintendo plans the resurgence of Adventure Games

Comparison of HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray now available since Warner Home Video has released movie titles

M$ creates 3D models from groups of photos