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23 August 2006

News from the Net

Microsoft and Autodesk were admonished by a judge, and M$ told to pay an additional $25 million for attempting to bury evidence

Well, it appears that I am not the only one... It is becoming a trend -- don't let us access the internet freely at work, and we'll go somewhere else

Suprisingly, a teen creates something that let's parents track when their kids are speeding

Scientists bred a mouse that is ALWAYS cheerful

Wierd Al releases a song on MySpace entitled "Don't download this song"

SCO lawyers ambush IBM witness

M$ latest security update introduces security flaw

The 2006 Fields medals (think Math Nobel Prizes) were awarded

Huh, I didn't know that O'Reilly tried to trademark "Website"

From the TV News: Dallas TX is going to start issuing tickets if any part of your underwear shows... While we all assume they are talking about saggy pants, guess we won't see any thongs sticking out of the top of girls pants either

It seems there are some unique phones on the horizon...  Don't forget to check out their slideshow

Strange thing about some of those crazy cell phone designs:  How the hell do they fit in your pocket?

Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Aug 23 02:00:00 PDT 2006
One of them said they fit in your wallet! lol

Posted by Malachi on Wed Aug 23 02:12:00 PDT 2006