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15 August 2006

News from the Net

Google finally upgrades blogger.

Mac OS 10.5 has been leaked

The Swedish Pirate Party launched a commercial service that lets anybody send and recieve files anonymously without being traced or tracked

Dell is recalling laptop batteries

The guy who created the live-action PacMan in Manhattan talks about his new company

Google Code Jam 2006 registration opens today

Here's a Toy from Brett

There is now a 'No Military Use' version of the GPL

Here's a shocker. The US Air Force and DARPA have come up with a way to protect our satellites -- but in true Govt. style, it has side effects

Ok, this is good... So, they are explaining how great this new biometric security system is... because it caught 85% of the people pretending to be terrorist...  think about that again. NONE of the people it caught were REALLY terrorist!

Rubber band guns are a pain in the ass.  I hate loading those things.  Besides, it's all fun and games until you put out someone's eye.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Tue Aug 15 02:59:00 PDT 2006