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14 August 2006

News from the Net

Looks like Hollywood horror flicks may have to make some adjustments to remain 'believable'. Tables saws may soon require skin-sensing technology

What do the banner ads on your screen right now and your old bicycle have in common? They both can be obtained via live auctions

Well, it appears that Google made a huge mistake today... After working so hard to make Google a household word, they are now suing people for using it as a verb

It appears M$ has given up on preventing hackers from accessing their XBox... M$ will start enabling user-created games

An insider look at a real life XSS attack

What happens when the RIAA tries to sue dead people? They give you 60 days to grieve before they go after their children.  Why does the RIAA remind me of the Inquisition?

I think the best way to approach this link is to provide a couple key quotes that caught my attention....

  • win some of a (at present) 50,000 Euro purse
  • Hutter Prize for Lossless Compression of Human Knowledge
  • after any set of observations the optimal move by an AI is find the smallest program that predicts those observations and then assume its environment is controlled by that program
  • Think of it as Ockham's Razor on steroids
If that's enough to wet your appetite, read on...

DIY Random Number Generator - using household items and radioactive decay

Well, you know about people getting busted for posting songs... and recently for posting the lyrics... and now for posting guitar tablature... Maybe the RIAA just wants music to die -- cuz you sure aren't allowed to learn it...

Got some excess Uranium laying around that you want cleaned up? Well, grab some of your friendly bacteria to do the job for you

Well, we have finally been told why the UK and US staged the plane-bombing plot... To make you like national wiretapping. Well, there's a shocker.

Want to use your Nokia phone as a mouse? Well, now you can

Ever wonder what kind of information Amazon keeps about you? Well, Amazon has applied for a patent to create an online customer database which would allegedly contain 'massive amounts of intimate information about its millions of shoppers, including their religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and income.'

Well, you remember Illinois trying to ban violent videogames? Well, the State of Illinois now has to pay half-million dollars in attorney fees for trying to pass an unconstitutional law

If you were a fan of the Jetsons, you'll like this new robot

Wow. So, you pay a bazillion dollars for the first Blu-ray drives, only to find that they won't play blu-ray movies. What a friggin scam

World's fastest kayak floats OVER the water

Well, this was unexpected... The DVD-CCA is planning on making changes to allow home users to legally burn purchased movie downloads

A contagious form of cancer was found in dogs


The robot thing is pretty cool, although I would have liked to see more on the videos....

Posted by WILL POWER! on Mon Aug 14 02:25:00 PDT 2006