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16 August 2006

News from the Net

Well, it finally makes sense why Internet Explorer is never standards-compliant.... They are in denial

You weren't planning on helping your kids with astronomy class were you? Cuz you never know what they are teaching

AOL turns to gold digger

Status update on the Poincare Conjecture

Jack Thompson needs to be barred and censured

Ok, so.... remember me mentioning about how the RIAA was going after a dead guys family? Well, they state that the guy had admitted it was his stepson just before his death, but they are going to drop the case...  How much do you want to admit that they are just trying to cover their PR arses?

If any of you like Firefox, you might like to check out this Oregon crop circle. Personally, I think it is one of the coolest looking crop circles I have seen ;)

The EFF filed a complaint against AOL for failing to meet their own policies (and thus allowing the data leak)

Well, not sure how I feel about this... Could either help or kill Java.  It's going OpenSource, starting in October of this year

Looks like someone finally came out with a Linux-based phone

That crop circle is pretty cool.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Aug 16 01:57:00 PDT 2006