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08 August 2006

News from the Net

Wow, the UK respects your privacy!  They're only going to let people like, oh I dunno, StarBucks -- know if you have a speeding ticket, or how much you spend on groceries, or what books you read

Lawyer-speak converted to Layman-speak. How to survive the RIAA

Chip designs may be revolutionized by 18th century paint

OMFG! Google signs $900million MySpace deal

Collectible Card Games based on WoW and Eve Online released

From the local TV (not online), they just announced that Beaverton has stopped Walmart. They expect Walmart to appeal.

Windows Vista already hacked after they told people to take their best shot on Friday

I've never tried Objective-C, but I know Dominic loves it. Well, the new version supports garbage collection

Instead of Democrat vs. Republican, it appears the divide in our nation is now officially State vs. Federal. The Justice Department has threatened the state of Maine if they investigate complaints against Verizon

AOL releases search records of over 650k users

The Bahrain government have instructed all ISPs to block Google Earth

Wonder how much M$ really supports standards? IE7 is 52% compliant while Firefox is 93% compliant

Google will start to warn users about unsafe websites

PS3 will read PS2 saved game data, IF you buy an adapter

Scientists now think they have proved that the Universe is older and wider than they thought 3 years ago

Nanoweapons, infared satellite surveillance and ecophagic outbreaks

Michigan deploys county-wide wireless

Photonic demultipliers created? Well, they don't mention it, but I'd like to see them used for fiber-networking

Scientists use satellite data to watch changes caused by earthquakes

Modification of Turing Equation explains how leopards get their spots

Another tomb might have been discovered in the Valley of Kings

Engineers have developed a system that can provide power, water and refrigeration from one fossil/biomass/hydrogen unit

Miscellaneous hardware hacks from DEFCON -- including IP-based refrigerators, war driving with Rockets, etc

Holographic storage a reality?

Scientists find that monks scrubbed the text off a copy of Archimedes Palimpsest so they could write prayers down -- 800 years ago

Google agrees to pay the Associated Press for its news

Want a painting that changes with the mood of the viewer? I do

Dead geek icons are hitchhiking from the East Coast to Silicon Valley

The Domesday Book has gone online and can still be used in court for property disputes

RIAA goes after LimeWire

The US Senate has agreed to help enforce other countries laws... Specifically, as an example, if China wants to know the identity of the person who critisized them (since they are anti-free-speech), the USA is now obligated to track down and help them prosecute... IE: The USA will now help other countries prosecute Americans who don't break American laws while in America

Scientists find twin planets that orbit each other and not a star