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25 August 2006

News from the Net

In case you use Java, you might be interested to know that JDK7 (1.7?) is available.

China and Russia launch Joint Mars Mission

Some of you out there thinks the US leads the world in Technology, maybe behind Japan or something, right? Did you know that countries like the UK, Denmark, Italy and Spain kick our arses when it comes to providing internet access?

We all hate M$, but this patent might make your internet access much slower

Better hope you are looking for domain names that don't appear desirable or politically motivated, or you might get charged more. The political side of this one pisses me off. I can see it now...,$10gazillion.

If the RIAA comes after you, don't wipe your harddrive, or the RIAA can name their price

It isn't the idea of cloning beef that bothers me, but the selecting 1 in 8000 animals AFTER the slaughter

Dell leaves MP3 Market

Is this girl a lockpick prodigy?

Linux may not have a competitor to Photoshop

Apple recalls 1.1 million laptop batteries

Looks like the government has decided that low-income students can't learn evolution anymore.

Amazon starts selling virtual grid networks

A judge sentenced a 16-year old spammer to two months in his bedroom during curfew

Hey! Here's a complete surprise! Pluto's status has been changed again - this time to a "Dwarf Planet"... Hey, I got an idea... So we can assure that what our kids learn in 3rd grade doesn't make them flunk 4th grade, why don't we call all those things out there "Thingees"?

Po' kids can't read.  Lets just tell them that god did it in 7 days because the words are smaller and the numbers are easier to calculate..... 

Posted by Sarah on Fri Aug 25 05:12:00 PDT 2006
"Ma? How old was Noah?"

"Oh, he was real old! That was before God decided to smite down all the sinners and make Noah's kids have shorter lives!"

Posted by Malachi on Fri Aug 25 05:14:00 PDT 2006
A: the lack of evidence in a civil or criminal trial immediately calls reasonable doubt into the picture.
B: what filesharing?
C: wasn't me...
D: wasn't me...
E: wasn't me...

Posted by Silver on Fri Aug 25 14:03:00 PDT 2006
A: only applies if the court cares about law; and as we have all seen, they don't.
B: I think it's from a Wierd Al song
C-E: Nope, the RIAA planted evidence. I have proof. As far as they are concerned, I don't own any of my own hardware, they own it, so it was all found on their hardware!

Posted by Malachi on Fri Aug 25 16:59:00 PDT 2006