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01 July 2006

News from the Net

Well, it's official... The shares of TGI Friday's that I held onto are going to be sold, with or without my permission

eon8 revealed -- some of you might remember it as a website with a countdown and no idea what it was counting down to

Napolean Dynamite encrypts IBM data???

A researcher was jailed for falsifying research. About time. It's fraud people. Not to arrest all of Bush's cronies who keep lying about their research data.

LexisNexis data thieves sentenced to 2-years in jail

Want film commentaries? Download them

A 15-year old lost a lawsuit over his IM icon

Cell phones versus drinking while driving..... Well, the latest testing showed that cell phones were more dangerous than vodka and OJ

I wonder if this buyout will eliminate the RSA Factoring Challenge I have been working on... I really hope not.


OK, what wver happened to 15-year olds getting suspended, why did this go to court?

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Sat Jul 01 03:51:00 PDT 2006