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13 July 2006

Hacks from the Net

Robot to solve padlock combinations

Build your own 3D mill

How to get a wrt54g router for $5

making a VGA extension cable using CAT5

here's some liquid magnet stuff

how about a robot capable of diving 400 feet?

oooh! hacking your bios

how about dualboot dvd firmware for the xbox 360?

wanna make your deadbolt rfid'able?

magentic card data -> excel?

sonic grenades

$100 rebreather?

robotic sea serpents

and last but not least.... I've mentioned it before, but found another link to it...
how about a self-replicating replicator?

Wouldn't a self-replicating replicator be redundant? Just my 2 cents. :o)

Posted by SparrowHawk on Thu Jul 13 07:04:00 PDT 2006
that's a good point....
they call it a self-replicating rapid prototyping machine
replicator makes it sound more star trekky ;)

Posted by Malachi on Thu Jul 13 07:14:00 PDT 2006