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22 July 2006

News from the Net

Cost of private ride into space has dropped to $15 million. Woot! Only $14999999.99 left to go before most of us can afford it ;)

NBC reconsiders a series after YouTube viewers watch it

Well, after we speculated about AMD and ATI merging a month ago or so, the merger deal has been struck

HotCoffee scandal settled with no penalties or fines

Neanderthal Man being decoded

A Japanese professor has created an android of himself to teach his classes

A Software developer contracted to the CIA got fired for blogging his critizism of torture

Some of you may think I am overreacting when it comes to the RIAA... but let's take an example of their behavior:In UMG vs. Lindor, the defendant is a home house-aid who's never even used a computer. She's never operated a computer, she's never even turned on a computer. The only connection she has ever had to a computer is that she has on occasion dusted near the parts that she believes are a computer. And yet she is being pursued as an online distributor in peer-to-peer file sharing.

Microsoft screws over one of their biggest advocates

What's this? Biometric spoofing? No friggin way

Is it wrong to have sex with an android version of yourself?

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Sat Jul 22 01:32:00 PDT 2006
Um, yes?


Posted by WILL POWER! on Sat Jul 22 02:23:00 PDT 2006