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14 July 2006

News from the Net

An Oklahoma woman wins against the RIAA

Suspended Animation successful for a couple hours with pigs

This is going to completely spawn controversy... The 698 of the 700 original high-quality tapes of the Apollo 11 mission have gone missing, just a few months before the last place able to read them closes.

You laundry hits high-tech, smart-home style

Intel is laying off 1000 managers.

Google may very well loose out on lots of money.  In order to deal with click-fraud, they are changing it to cost-per action... am I the only one who remembers that everyone else made this transaction in the early 90s -- and found that people RARELY every click them?

The title may be more interesting that it actually is... Geographic Mapping of Emotions

You ready to Jack-In? Well, a paralysed man has... he can control a computer and robot arm using electrodes implanted in his brain.  Might not quite be browsing the internet, but that's not far off.  Especially with DARPA's cortically coupled computer vision system.

Vista already has a rootkit that appears to be able to hide itself from all popular anti-rootkit tools

Strange that the moon landing tapes disappeared.  I wonder why?  Oh, yeah, BECAUSE IT NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED!

And we wonder why our government is so comfortable lying to us?  I guess they're just used to doing it.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Fri Jul 14 18:24:00 PDT 2006