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12 July 2006

News from the Net

Well, if I had to guess, I would guess that I have neophilia, causing me to have elevated levels of a cellular enzyme (monoamine oxidase) requiring more of a need of stimulation from new things.... Yes, you heard right, they found a genetic basis for the burning desire to have the latest and greatest gadgets

Probably more important that the $357million fine MicroSOft got is probably the new fine of 3million Euro per day

Under certain conditions, common bacteria can for nanowires

US State Department thinks hackers installed backdoors in their computers

MySpace reportedly #1 US Destination

If you remember Bush releases flying droids in the US, you might be interested to know that DARPA is developing Droid Satellites. Watch out Death Star, here we come

Indian Satellite exploded during launch

Bacteria in your DVD allows it to hold up to 50TB of data

Now here's a gaming machine for you :)

Patriot Act makes Facebook's privacy policy completely moot

Scientists have grown mice from artificial sperm

"Malware hunters" are using Google to detect malware remotely