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21 July 2006

News from the Net

President Bush blocked the Justice Department's investigation into the NSA wiretapping scandal... Gee, I wonder why.  This is shortly after a federal judge denied the government's request that the case be dismissed... If the courts don't agree with you, take away everyone's clearance I guess.

Google announces double profits

Now here's a toy even Dino would want me to have... it's a home security system.... with a talking mirror with a floating head... or talking pirate skull.... or talking perched toucan... Maybe this quote will help explain - it is referring to the snooty british butler option: When nothing is happening, the mirror looks like any other ... until some event occurs, like a visitor trips the driveway sensor. At which point a fairy-talish character called Basil appears to announce the breach.

Yahoo! takes a stand against DRM

A federal judge has banned Jack Thompson from LA Videogame Case

Google starts ranking pages higher that are optimized for blind users (using W3C's guidelines)

The Gates Foundation donated $287million to HIV research, on the condition that they open-source the research

Card Locks thwarted by Shopping Club Card