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18 July 2006

News from the Net

M$ to work with Xen?

Malware search engine

Paint-on antennas... you know, since we can now paint biology, circuitry, displays, etc... I think I might need to upgrade my printer ;)

I want to participate! UK Scientists are using VR to test telepathy

Who would like an linux-based humanoid robot?

The Dept of Homeland Security and Justice Dept have designed an xml-based datasharing model

Lithium-ion batteries sure are getting a bad rep right now. Just after Dell blamed them for blowing up their laptop, the the National Safety Transportation Board blames them for blowing up a UPS plane

M$ releases the source to their device emulator

Open Source VoIP calls double in quality

Just after the US announces that they are going to be putting RFID tags into passports, we have virii that transfer via RFID

aw, malachi gets to run his phone system open source as well, next step the power company!
Viva La Source Open!

Posted by Silver on Tue Jul 18 00:03:00 PDT 2006
Well, I was planning on either Tribox or writing my own... but we'll see...

Posted by Malachi on Tue Jul 18 00:05:00 PDT 2006