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04 July 2006

News from the Net

How MySpace came to be

This revelation might very well change all laws regarding coma patients

Virgin Galactic Space Flights in 4 years.

New web-based control panel called WebFaction is out... dunno... looks kinda interesting, though their screencast didn't really cover much of interest to me

What could ever go wrong with self-healing minefields where the landmines are networked and capable of moving?

New human-powered world-record

You wonder what amputees and deer antlers have in common? Check it out

This is a little off topic... Some of you have seen the schematics for making your own video projector by ripping apart a laptop... Well, we might be able to make that easier for you.

Tabs vs Spaces? Well, maybe we can finally put the argument to rest

First physical e-ink book now available

You may remember me talking about how people can start getting paid for the videos they upload. Well, here's a site that'll do that for you

New software bug detectors