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11 July 2006

News from the Net

Hellgate shuts down servers after having their code stolen

You know, instead of preventing credit card companies from paying out to internet gambling sites -- maybe they should consider legalizing gambling.  I mean come on -- at this point it is completely ludicrous to make Texas Hold'em illegal.

You might want to consider waiting to try Firefox 2.0... still a bit buggy

Now that BitTorrent appears to work for the MPAA, I might as well uninstall it, eh?

Citibanks' authentication defeated

The UK equivalent of the RIAA asks ISPs to suspend suspected filesharers

Vermont starts allowing electricity customers to choose manure-power

Adware spreading on MySpace

Wrap virus DNA in tiny gold particles, and inject them with helium gas

Ever wonder how Google manages its own IT?

How about an Artificial Immune System to classify spam?

More letters between Einstein and his wives and kids released.

HotCoffee being informally investigated by the SEC