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13 July 2006

News from the Net

Well, if you have ever seen Minority Report, you will most likely be surprised that this technology is real

Yahoo and M$ join IM networks

Oh! Me me me! Two colleges are including personal robots with the textbooks

Red King Crabs are spreading like wildfire

Microsoft changes Vista license to trick people into buying it. You ask why I say trick? Well, they make it so that you have 4 licenses -- but only one person on one machine

Well, years after Tesla's death, it looks like we might start getting shields after all

Ever wanted to know about CERN's Large Hadron Collider? Then read this

VMWare Server 1.0 released for free

Sony is working on a nice way to alienate all of us... They want to make the games only playable on one console. IE: No used games, no taking them to friends' houses, no replacing your machine if it dies.

Inflatable private space station launched

You might soon be getting Orange Terror Alerts to your tv, cell phone, web sites, etc

It appears that scientists now side with me... They are finding that the 'constants' aren't so constant. Told you so.

We have a new sharpest object ever

So, I was taking a look at the VMWare thing... they also have pages upon pages of "preconfigured appliances" (like Asterisk/Tribox, load balancers, etc) available... very interesting...

Posted by Malachi on Thu Jul 13 04:52:00 PDT 2006