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03 July 2006

News from the Net

Well, related to my post yesterday, the shuttle launch was scrapped again - this time because of a large crack in the external tank.

An asteroid is set to pass by the Earth - almost the same distance from us as the distance from us to the moon

Dentists start using plasma needles... Wonder how long until piercers pick up on it.

New brain-scanning and stimulation hardware already in use.

If you are someone who uploads to YouTube or Google Video, this might just be a good service for you

It appears that the Gates Foundation doesn't allow workplace romance since it could lead to a conflict of interest. Did I mention that Bill and Melinda Gates are co-chairs? F'n hypocrites

Japanese Mange with hover-over English translations

With the horrible performance of Intel chips, and the bugs in AMD chips, I have been really torn about what I would transition to... Maybe I should transition to Google Microprocessors.

What do you think should replace ICANN?

This might just help VR go the extra mile... How about an embedded sense of smell? shutting down.

WOW! Flying robots made from saran wrap???

If you have ever looked into Geneology or 6-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon, this might interest you.... Quote:That means everybody on Earth descends from somebody who was around as recently as the reign of Tutankhamen, maybe even during the Golden Age of ancient Greece. There's even a chance that our last shared ancestor lived at the time of Christ.

They should can those shuttle flights until they figure out how to get people past that radiation shield that surrounds the earth between us and the moon.  Then we can make a real moon landing and start thinking of colinization of other planets - the only real worthwhile thing left to do in space.  (BTW, the only thing Bush has said that I agee with is that he wants a manned Mars mission in our lifetimes.)

Speaking of VR smell, I think - no, I know - that you would enjoy a four book series by Tad Williams called "Otherland".

Posted by WILL POWER! on Mon Jul 03 03:42:00 PDT 2006