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30 June 2006

News from the Net

Not from the Net, but from Good Day Oregon.... An Oklahoma judge got busted for pleasuring himself with an electronic device WHILE witnesses were on the stand testifying.

If you have been curious about things like Market Share by MMOG Genre, or perhaps by number of subscribers, MMOG Chart has been updated.

Remember a little while ago how we were discussing how unrealistic (and how it will increase the cost) for ISPs to retain records, how it invades privacy, etc? Well, Congress is looking to add the same requirements to MySpace

The Space Shuttle gains remote control landing capabilities

If you have a Macbook, this hack is probably even doable by you

Either ants have internal pedometers or OCD

M$ is being sued over their spyware -- which is interesting because said spyware will start turning off your copy of Windows if you refuse to install it.

My question is this... why ISN'T it illegal to to backdate stock options?

How about using UV light instead of high temperatures to prepare silicon? Chris actually mentioned this weekend that some place is doing the same with cutting cheese

How about a rootkit UNDER your OS?

Well, it appears that the VA's scapegoat didn't work out so well -- evidentally, he had WRITTEN permission.

Now, I didn't see this coming. Colorado Sheriffs being wardriving and distributing flyers to areas with open wifi

Chris pointed this out yesterday.... A New Hampshire man was arrested for videotaping police ON HIS doorstep

Final Fantasy XII to be released on my anniversary / Halloween :)

Hot Coffee supoenaed to the Grand Jury

This is odd... A Finland website that is for the separation of church and state helps people resign from church?????