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22 June 2006

News from the Net

Either the government really is inane, or they are leaking information on purpose

A man in Vancouver was arrested for using a store's open wireless access

Stem Cell research may cure paralysis

"Drive-by" wireless hacking

Well, there seems to be some startling statistics showing how popular M$ search engine is... 80% of their own employees use Google instead

If you want Windows XP compatability, but don't want M$ getting the money, ReactOS just released a new version. Go ahead, check their compatability database. Note: I haven't tried ReactOS yet.

For those of you playing with VoIP, you may want to try this new firefox extension.

I think BumpTop knows about Dino's bday present, because it is designed specifically for desktop navigation using a graphics pen... Though their site is being slashdotted, Google has the demo video.  Looks very interesting...