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15 June 2006

News from the Net

Google releases US Govt. Search. From their blog: Want to find those IRS forms to get in your taxes on time? Need to figure out where to send your DMV fees, or find the phone number for your local parks and rec department?

New MSN worm is out.

Stephen Hawking claims the Pope told him not to study the origin of the universe.  Think the Pope knew it was all a lie?

Ok, this sounds a lot like a MySpace bulletin to me. They can't possibly want everyone to send a soil sample from their backyard.

It looks like all us Oregon taxpayers might have had our name, address, and social security number stolen. Well 2200 of us anyways.

If you have a PS2 controller and are tired of using your keyboard/mouse, you may want to try out TriggerFinger

Can you say shameless plug ;-) Serious, try TriggerFinger we're trying to help a friend out.

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Thu Jun 15 23:25:00 PDT 2006
Well, he asked me to spread the word - and since he is giving it away for free....

Posted by Malachi on Fri Jun 16 00:54:00 PDT 2006