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27 June 2006

News from the Net

Microsoft to be fined $2.5 million per day. Woot ;)

Google to start GBuy (PayPal rival) as early as this week

Second Life has gained it's first major retailer.

Here's an interesting approach to creating city-wide wifi networks

Amazon in space?

Ok, this is odd.... So, if they create a database of child pornography in order to prevent it spreading online, doesn't that make them a hacking target for anyone who wants to make money off of it?

Scientists model the Sun's corona

Canadian Government is just as corrupt

The WRT54G is hacked to run Linux again

So, who wants a miniature probe to use preexisting orifices?

Kent State prohibits athletes from using Facebook

ChoicePoint talks about how they mistakenly sold private data on 163000 people to Nigerian criminals last year.... Accident... sure... Not like the huge amount of money they made had anything to do with it.

Want some free online video education from universities?

The first-ever Heinlein prize for Advances in Space Commercialization is going to be awarded.

Too bad my WRT54G got zapped during a power outage last night, this looks like it would be fun to do.

Posted by Silver on Tue Jun 27 04:45:00 PDT 2006
zapped during power outage? are you not following your own advice? ;)

Posted by Malachi on Tue Jun 27 04:47:00 PDT 2006