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19 June 2006

News from the Net

I don't own a Mac, but if you own one of their laptops, you might like this.

Nokia and Siemens are to merge the fixed and mobile network businesses.

If you are into the RoboGames, here's a 2006 wrapup. Similarly, the 10th annual RoboCup has started. Wonder if Germany will win again.

This could be very good for those of us addicted to the quick fix of microwaves... Pacemakers made from your own living cells.

NASA will be launching space shuttle Discovery on July 1st.

This may come as a victory for photo sharers.. Flickr is going to grant commercial API keys to competitors if those companies do the same -- thus allowing better import/export.

Australia is using software to look for patterns in attacks of the opposing team, thus gaining them an advantage in the World Cup

Amazon is bringing back the online grocery store model (which some like Safeway still do) -- but it is too bad they won't handle any perishables... ie: you still have to go to the grocery store. I really miss WebVan and HomeGrocer

Did you know that the PS2 and XBox360 use 2Watts of power while turned off (standby mode)? That and more interesting energy use tidbits can be found here.

Well, we've touched on Bush's plan to launch aerial drones over US cities before... Looks like Los Angeles now has them.

Embryonic stem cell trials on humans may start soon as Geron is asking the FDA for approval.

This is kinda interesting... compressing dry ice into super-tough glass.

GoDaddy starts blackmailing its customers

crap. I knew Godaddy's terms were too good to be true. :)
should have gone to
since they sponser oh well. maybe next registration right?

Posted by Silver on Mon Jun 19 00:46:00 PDT 2006
well, if I ever get around to getting some last bugs fixed on the server, I've got plans for EOTI to start doing registrations

Posted by Malachi on Mon Jun 19 00:53:00 PDT 2006