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17 June 2006

News from the Net

Here's a cute little cartoon.. check it out

Researchers think they have found the missing link in bird evolution

The Smithsonian is removing GM's (one of their biggest contributors) EV1 electric sedan just before the film "Who Killed the Electric Car" (GM) comes out, but says that it is a coincidence

WA law goes overboard. Now that online gambling is a felony in WA; ads, linking to, or even discussing online gambling is a crime.  Good thing they are 15 miles away, or I would be committing a felony by posting this.

Sell a violent video game to a minor and go to prison for a year and pay $2000.  Better hope those kids don't play Halo before we ship them off to war.

You want an idea of how crazy the Chinese censorship is? If you search for "6-4", gives errors then refuses to respond... That search being the date of the Tianmen Square massacre