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08 June 2006

News from the Net

The open source gaming device GP2X-F100 has not only released the source to the firmware and the manual, but now also a sdk.

Physicists are creating ball lightning

If you would like to use Windows Vista (I know I don't), beta 2 is available for download

It appears that some dinosaurs found in 1998 aren't children afterall, but dwarf dinosaurs

Vampire LARPers get some credibility today, after a federal judge ordered two lawyers to play rock/paper/scissors to settle disputes

Did you know that Windows call M$ everyday?

A Hacker was arrested for reselling someone else's VoIP.

Ultrawideband can now go through walls. If they really do replace A/V cables with it like they suggest, this could work really well for DIY PVRs and wireless "security" cameras.

One step closer to making human organs, they have now grown 3D human cells.

Seagate announces a hybrid hard drive... no, it doesn't use fuel cells, hydrogen or solar power -- it combines flash memory with the normal hard drive

The news just reported (have it on in the background) that Road Rage is caused by a psychotic disorder called "intermittent explosive disorder". I think that's bullshit. It's caused by asshole drivers cutting me off, not paying attention, swerving across lanes, making me take too long, or just plain pissing me off ;)

There's an article talking about how DRM is anti-Democratic


You can't expect me to believe that two layers managed to play a game of rock, paper, sissors with no questions asked? Have you ever seen two players form different games try to do rock paper sissors?

"Its 1,2,3 then shoot not 1,2 then shoot on three!"

"Your suposed to hide your hand behind your back before you shoot!"

"Papper doesn't blow away against bomb it gets blown up!"


Posted by Sylkwyrm on Thu Jun 08 04:07:00 PDT 2006
And don't forget "You can't use bomb! Bomb wasn't one of our options"

Judge is like, "I'll allow it"

Posted by Malachi on Thu Jun 08 04:11:00 PDT 2006