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14 June 2006

News from the Net

Here's an interesting publishing house. Here's the first words on their page: Welcome to Another Sky Press. We want people to read our books even if they read them for free - though wed love it if you bought a copy!

Now, while I'm sure that this isn't what it is intended for... I would *LOVE* to use this technique for VR... basically, it allows computers to generate 3D scenes based off a single 2D image!

Since they are denying that they are making World of StarCraft or World of Diablo, should we take it to mean that they are?

It appears that the NYTimes is mentioning the Google Oregon site again.  Since they have only been advertising one job for the last few months, I am really surprised by the number of cars I see working there. Maybe I should just walk in :)  Although, the article is wrong about a few details. For one, the fiber network is not a legacy of the dot-com boom -- it was put in to attract Google to the site. It does mention that it is locally called 'Project 02' which I find VERY interesting since Google has been naming all their online projects *something*2... Like their CL2 calendar and LH2 lighthouse.  If you have been looking to buy a house, this piece is interesting: The project has created hundreds of construction jobs, caused local real estate prices to jump 40 percent and is expected to create 60 to 200 permanent jobs in a town of 12,000 people when the center opens later this year.  The article also mentions that you can find lots of telling information here :)  Oh, and just to be complete -- Google is now listing 3 jobs in Oregon.

think I should throw them my resume for the Operations technician? I just need more Linux experience...

Posted by Silver on Wed Jun 14 08:40:00 PDT 2006
I'm thinking Lauren should try for the DataCenter one.

They need to hire me to come up with ideas... Like... how about GoogleCell? They have everything they need to do all the software for a cell phone (address book, instant messaging, calculator, spreadsheets/todo, etc etc).. hell, they already have an SMS gateway.

Posted by Malachi on Wed Jun 14 09:02:00 PDT 2006