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12 June 2006

News from the Net

Toys: Planetarium for your home

I was going to check out this hack, but the page isn't loading yet, so no clue how good it is

The Fashion Industry finds a new home in space

This could be fun to play with... Nanopaper

We have the first recorded death at the hands of a robot

M$ wants to execute arbitrary code on your machine

Similar to the article the other day, a research team at the University of Nebraska has developed a device to allow robotic hands to mimic human touch.  Yeah, we know why scientists want robots to have a sense of touch :)

Toys: How about some spy equipment?

The U.S. National Nuclear Safety Administration lost records and information for over 1500 employees and contractors LAST SEPTEMBER!

Google has created a TV Audio Analysis System that can tell what show someone is watching from just a short little audio clip... I hate to think how this technology could be misused...

Looks like it is time to boyott BofA... They are not only moving their tech jobs to India, they are requiring that their techies train their replacements or loose their severance pay.  While I agree that an employee should train their replacement when they voluntarily leave a company, doing it this way is no different than blackmail.

After years of gaining and loosing planets in our solar system, we may soon have an official definition of a Planet

OMG!! I need to start working on clothes that look good in zerro gravity!

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Mon Jun 12 00:50:00 PDT 2006