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09 June 2006

News from the Net

Well, here's a shocker. NSA plans on datamining social networking sites (like MySpace).

To Google's relief, the US House of Representatives has rejected Net Neutrality.

M.I.T. has figured out how to replace batteries with capacitors covered in nanotubes

In case you missed it, I have been using Google's Browser Sync firefox extension for a couple days now. Not so bad. Basically, when you launch firefox, it gives you a list of checkmarks to determine which tabs you wish to reopen.

A 4-person startup called Avanti Metal plans to produce Titanium for $3/pound instead of the current $40/pound.

Well, here's a fairly unique way to hack into a credit union.

Sony states that the PS3 is a computer, not a console

So, for those of you who think Intel is winning over AMD, it should be noted that they are planning on cutting prices by 60% in an attempt to catch up.

It appears that Rockstar/Take-Two will have to pay $11000 fine per violation if undisclosed content is discovered in future games. Based on this, if we ever make games, I suggest we don't get ESRB's approvals or ratings - what point is there in easter eggs if you have to announce what they are and how to find them

It seems that the UK is moving ahead of the USA when it comes to telecom.


So, was the USA planning on impossing Net Neutrality on the rest of the world?

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