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30 December 2006

News from the Net

In an effort to ensure that everyone keeps buying new versions of Windows, Micro$oft already plans on making Vienna a completely different OS. Haven't heard about Vienna? Oh, well, it is the version of Windows that comes after Fiji... which comes after Vista... which almost no one has even tried yet... So yes, that new expensive OS you were considering -- they are already working on making it obsolete.

If you thought your last Ford was a piece of crap, wait until your new Ford has Windows installed.

As conspiracy theories abound, Judge Gary appears to have joined the conspirators camp by disallowing proof that the electronic voting machines are not working correctly to be gathered.

Oh, this is too good to be true. So this common parasite can make women more attractive and men more stupid.

Cracking Tor anonymity with heat?

Cloned meat and milk coming to a grocery store near you.

Ever wonder what is under all that ice in Greenland? Well, researchers plan to know within the next year. In somewhat related news, one of Canada's remaining 6 ice shelves broke off... It was the size of about 11000 football fields and over 3000 years old.

Found the perfect job for you... Make fake moondust for NASA.

A new flu vaccine is supposedly going to provide complete immunity.

In a recent study, they found that today's youth are no longer excited about space travel. I guess that's what we get when we let schools and politicians rattle on about "impossible" things (that always end up happening later).

OneDOJ: The new massive Justice Department database, being offered to law enforcement. "You know why I pulled you over Jimmy? Well, it says here that the FBI has been watching you for suspicion of not liking the president. Ok, get out of the car and put your hands behind your head. We'll show you what patriotism really means." Ok, well, the article didn't see that, but I could see it happening.

Earthquake disrupts the VIRTUAL currency market...?

Ok, this is awesome... There is a proposed extension to HTML to allow you to tag content at any level (paragraph, link, whatever) to be Not Safe for Work... and then, the idea goes, you could configure your browser to block NSFW content while not blocking the rest... Of course, for this to work, the IT department would have to quit blocking the entire site... but if this became common place, I could definitely see stateful packet inspection on the routers auto-blocking the NSFW content instead of blacklisting sites.

AT&T appears to be desperate about their merger with BellSouth.

You might remember me telling you recently about M$ bribing people... Well, it appears that someone who got one of these bribe laptops is auctioning it off and giving the proceeds to the EFF ;) Others are starting to follow suit, and now M$ is begging for them back. That's awesome.

Although I usually avoid Yahoo!, I think I am still subscribed to some of their message boards... Well, that was, until Yahoo! took down their message boards.

Robots will beginning crawling around under New Orleans.

This is interesting... 100 facts we didn't know last year. Here, I'll wet your appetite: The lion costume in the film 'Wizard of Oz' was made from real lions.

A team at Intel made a game that runs entirely in Google Earth.