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23 December 2006

News from the Net has Migrated

Most of my readers are used to my "News from the Net" being on my MySpace blog. Well, to be completely honest, that blog only existed because of our server getting hacked. I really don't like dealing with their editor, and have decided I will now be blogging here instead. I apologize if this inconveniences anyone... On the flip side, there is an RSS link at the bottom so that you can setup notifications of new posts with your favorite software :)

And onto the News from the Net....

Google is now the 2nd most visited site

Librarians have decided to go Open Source... Take a look at their public demo or their experimental one. Personally, I think they should get Kudos for surviving Slashdotting

Well, once again, M$ seems to not care whether technology is already common place... They are trying to Patent RSS. Knowing the Patent Office, they'll probably allow it.

The White House has now resorted to publicly censoring the New York Times

$50k print and bind on-demand machine may well stop some of my plans before they start

Rolex is sponsoring a new school to train horologists

If you have an Intel-based Mac, you may want to try VMWare Fusion to run Linux and Windows on it

A hacker gets convicted based on his google search

I'm not going to issue and personal opinions of this matter, but well worth thinking about

A Republican Communications Director tried to hire hackers to change his educational records

Well, it's the beginning of the end... You can now download the GPL version of Java

If you don't think this holiday gift guide is interesting, look for the word "serial" on page two :)

In the wake of another lawsuit starting, the RIAA suffers another partial loss

Emirate Airlines now allow cell phone use in the air

A new USB hub enables sharing of peripherals between computers

It appears that Google has finally heard the suggestion I have been spreading, and are going to make their own phone

If you use Palm OS, this will interest you

More efficient 65nm Athlon 64 X2 has come