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27 December 2006

News from the Net

Astrox claims that it will soon be able to provide 2-hour flights around the world. While Slashdotters were quick to mark it as vaporware, a quick look at the companies website shows that they might have some promise:
Dr. Ajay P. Kothari, President and CEO, founded Astrox in 1987. Dr. Kothari has been the project leader on a number of projects for the NASA, Air Force, Navy, Army, as well as McDonnell Douglas Corporation (now Boeing).
Scientists are looking at using algae for biofuel for much the same reason as hemp for fiber - it grows so darned fast.

It looks like Apple is in trouble now for faking stock option documents.

No VR Characters were harmed in the making of this story.

Looks like PayPal at least made a headline that will make me consider trusting them again.

A new telescope looks for Earth-sized planets.

Micro$ofts' latest bribes...

If you ever get the chance to buy a demo PS3 system, DON'T

If you are in Asia, you are most likely already aware of the major tsunami-caused internet outage.

I actually saw this on the news this morning too, but... Gerald Ford died today. You may remember him as the vice president and president who never was elected and who pardoned Nixon after Nixon put him in office.

Control your Roomba from the Wii controller.

Why we Procrastinate

And then hybrids become less desirable.

New AmigoOS? Man, now I need to find a Dactyl Nightmare machine ;)

Some people are taking drastic steps against the new passports.

Deer capture Poachers?

Nobel Laureate speaks out... Specifically, I love this quote: Knowledge is like a candle, when one candle lights another it does not diminish its light.

Best buy has a new plan... ConnectedLife.