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15 December 2006

Modoc County

You too can live near my parents ;)

oh the desolation

Posted by veluxx on Fri Dec 15 08:36:00 PST 2006
they don't even sell it very well! i like how they show a "typical California pines lot" as having 1 or 2 pines and a LOT of scrub brush.

"ooohh honey! let's move onto prime forest fire land!"

or let's not.

Posted by jessie on Fri Dec 15 09:36:00 PST 2006
It's mostly sage brush and juniper... And well, since it is 4500' AND the valley, it also gets snow 2/3rd of the year; and extreme heat the other 1/3.

Posted by Malachi on Fri Dec 15 09:38:00 PST 2006