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14 December 2006

News from the Net

Put some movies online, make no money and go to Prison

Web-based Animated Star Trek series?

Microsoft officially enters the robotic forum

I thought this has been true all along, but I guess it is now illegal to melt coins

Want your own Wii controller? Er, I mean, "handheld pointing device that works in mid-air"

How about a MythTV in-a-box?

More info on the new hybrid hard drives

UK wants to ban RPGs and Hentai?

Wtf? Are they saying that soon I can go on disability for my Internet addiction? I mean, come on, I was addicted to the BBS scene before that.

Bad Google. No cookie. They have patented ornamental design for a GUI

Wow! Mozart's works are now free

More Mars Discoveries???

Looks like Sony is about to be busted. Federal Trade Commission investigates Viral Marketing

So you remember the whole liquid-on-airplane restriction scandal? Well, evidentally, the guy they arrested that was supposedly ground zero for this problem is facing forgery charges, not terrorist charges