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12 December 2006

News from the Net

Sony behind fake viral campaign again... I wonder if Google has the balls to drop them for breaking the agreement

Ok, it's official... John McCain is an evil immoral Republican... He is trying to extend federal obscenity laws that would fine you $300k for not reporting a post to a blog or mailing list... Specifically, targets: These types of individuals or businesses would be required to file reports: any Web site with a message board; any chat room; any social-networking site; any e-mail service; any instant-messaging service; any Internet content hosting service; any domain name registration service; any Internet search service; any electronic communication service; and any image or video-sharing service.

Identity theft at UCLA

Virginia is going to require sex offenders to register their email and IM names so that their communications can be monitored

I'm sure some of you know how kewl it is to print OLED's with standard inkjet printing tech... How about printing biological tissue in the same way

If any of you are into Microsoft (not me) and/or C# (not me) you might be interested in the new free XNA Game Studio Express for writing games for Windows and XBox

Those of you who have see An Inconvenient Truth might find it interesting that many new species were found under Antarctica

New version of VLC released

Wonder what the Sense of Smell and Quantum Physics have in common

Ultrawideband to be legal in Europe in 6 months

Consumer Reports reports on cell phone companies

So would you call the person who predicts space weather a meteorologist?

There has been significant progress in storing data in semiconductors