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04 December 2006

News from the Net

It looks likely that the government is going to (illegally IMHO) start taxing online 'assets'... What does this mean?  Quest for a kewl sword in a game, and pay taxes on it

It seems Google has something to hide

OpenDocument is now a published ISO Standard. That means you too can legally incorporate it into anything you want for free

ASUS integrates VOIP and PSTN into motherboards... of course, if they are false advertising like they do for my motherboard, you probably have to reinstall the OS and swap memory modules just to switch between them... (can you tell I am a little bitter?)

Are you being bugged? Here's the original story too

Philadelphia probation departments have new software that determine how likely you are to commit homicide because of things like being male, being young, etc...

Google delists hacked sites instead of telling webmasters where the problem is

Yet more people show how insecure government computers are... now tell me, if they could hack all the US government computers, why didn't they fix the Access databases on the voting machines to not let the idiot control things

Satellite starts monitoring volcano without being told to

New head mounted displays are developed

So you believe that life started on Earth and we are the center of the universe etc...?  How do you explain a meteorite containing organic matter OLDER than the Sun???

Vista is designed to make virii easy

Run Windows Apps inside Mac OSX

New rules for providing electronic documents as evidence in lawsuits came into effect last Friday

Supreme Court is to hear the case of Bong Hits 4 Jesus

Ohio now has a Spaceport

Air Force and Homeland Security prevent you from leaving your garage

This one is more for Brett than anyone else... Grand Turismo HD is a free download

Another MySpace worm is running wild

A spacecraft has captured videos of the Sun's surface details

The FCC was sued in order to allow Cell Phone Jammers

Want to split water into oxygen and hydrogen? Use blood

The government admits that major elections could be rigged with the current voting machines... Of course, they take the wrong spin on the solution... Instead of allowing the open source community to watch over each others shoulders to ensure it is all legit, they suggest the assholes who caused it to be riggable (on purpose) be allowed to make hand scanners instead - like that would help at all

Nvidia and AMD/ATI subpoenaed in Antitrust case

Your seating preferences and in-flight meals you order could be used to decide if you are a terrorist

The stones higher up on the pyramids were concrete not quarried

It figures that they'd start taxing online assets right when I'm getting a pc.  I refuse to pay that shit.

It also figures that Starr would take the side against free speech.  Anyone who would crusade against someone for getting a blowjob is petty enough to look past the First Amendment.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Mon Dec 04 11:33:00 PST 2006