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18 December 2006

News from the Net

Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) gets Sun's ZFS

Are you looking forward to the "security" of the new E-Passport? Well, that's good news for identity thieves, since they can clone it in under 5 minutes

$650k in six days in Mac Shareware?

Taxi Drivers grow more brain cells than you?

Would you elect a chess grandmaster for President?

I guess the military got tired of using Dolphins, cuz now DARPA is funding sharks as spies

Ummm. maybe I should explain history to PhysicsWeb... I'll speak slowly.... It's...called...hyperspace... (you know, hypercube, hypersphere, whatever).. I'm not saying that is what the universe it, just that they are trying so desperately to explain a theory we have read about in fiction books for almost a century.

Want to embed a softphone widget in your page?

Near complete-cure found for Diabetes

Zero-day Windows Vista exploit for sale for $50k

Would you like an inside look at the special efx of Pirates of the Caribbean

First launch from the mid-Atlantics' commercial spaceport

The US Geological Survey is being censored by Bush

Maybe Bush thinks that if they let the world get fucked up enough Jesus will come back and start the final battle between good and evil.  USE GEOLOGICAL CENSORSHIP TO BRING ON ARMAGEDDON!

Posted by WILL POWER! on Mon Dec 18 11:02:00 PST 2006

Direct quote from Bush, "There ain't no damn dirt.  The whole thing is a high pile of lies!"

Posted by Sarah on Tue Dec 19 06:58:00 PST 2006