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13 December 2006

News from the Net

Evidentally, the place most similar to Earth in our Solar System is Titan... Too bad it is -178*C on the surface.

After 20 million years, the white dolphin has gone extinct. That's the first mammal in 50 years to be known to go extinct

New Zealand finds their first land mammal fossil

Looks like an alternative to Comcast cable is a block away

Quantum Cryptography available next year???

Chinese don't allow online games to have religious or political material or for the players to cross-dress.

Google's new scheme for stock options

Interplay is spending $75 million on their new Fallout MMOG

Meteor shower tonight

So now that Illinois lost its ban on violent video games, the judge has ordered them to pay $510250 in legal fees by 12/18 or else

RIM crippled the Bluetooth speeds on the BlackBerry

Want to start your own Laser Etching Business? They'll show you how.

OpenOffice 2.1 released

When you think of Texas, do you think about people randomly shooting guns at things? Well, now the blind can randomly shoot things too... Well, they might hit something unintended, but at least it would be legal.

Designer company makes HMD

The National Center for Atmospheric Research says Santa may sink by 2040

One year until you too can have sea snail toxin take your pain away

Once again, the USA is beat technologically by another country, this time the Netherlands... They have ended transmission of analog TV

Google Web Toolkit now available under Apache license, if you would like to hack their Java to Javascript compiler ;)

Wikipedia Founder plans to give away web hosting

Sad that mankind is resposible for yet another animal extinction.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Dec 13 08:57:00 PST 2006