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21 December 2006

News from the Net

Looks like your local telecom companies can now choose to only service rich neighborhoods....

150 million year old 2-headed reptile fossil found.

107Gbps sent 100 miles in USA

Ok, I won't tell you what this is - but make sure to look at pic #7 for a good laugh :)

If you bought any of these CDs you should grab your claim form since Sony BMG is settling the lawsuit

Top 10 Geekiest Animals

Want to live longer? Drink a couple drinks of alcohol a day - but don't go over

Doctor Who and Red Dwarf legally available on Peer-2-Peer!!!

Autodesk sues to keep AutoCAD format closed

South Korea and China have mandated no proprietary chargers and data cables are allowed for cell phones anymore - the companies must use USB

Google drops the SOAP API

NASA once again thinks they have discovered something...

WarGames 2: The Dead Code began filming one month ago

Good moods prevent colds

Don't have a police bloodhound? Try a college student instead :)

Well, shortly after Nintendo started recalling the Wiimotes, a class action lawsuit has been filed

Linking to copyrighted material illegal in Australia..... Since every page on the internet usually has a copyright, wouldn't that make ALL linking illegal?  Idiots.

How about a solar skyscraper that rotates?

An interesting look at power usage in an apartment

For the geek in your dying to do some research, try to figure out what the implications are that a material with negative refractive index has been created

What do you get when you cross a propeller, an umbrella design and hot air? Give up? A new type of blimp

Oooh... High-performance flexible organic transistors mass produced.

Co-pilots are to gain most of their flight experience from simulators instead of actual flight on smaller planes

UK gets world's largest wind farm