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26 December 2006

Blogging Mayhem

As some of you have no doubt realized, I have been blogging a lot, on many different blogs... Well, ok, many of those are still listed as private blogs, so you may not have noticed....

As someone that might be diagnosed with the buzz-acronymns OCD and ADD... I have to say... this new approach might actually work.

One of the problems I have had over the last few years is that most of my notes take the form of emails that I send myself reminding myself to do something, which then sit in my inbox for a year or so before I notice it is there... Which gets really bad if the title is something like "check this out".

So, what I am trying to do is to keep multiple blogs with the topics completely seperate... So while this blog may be my normal everyday blog, I also have one for doing home improvement, one for real estate research, one for electric vehicle research, etc.

Then, I have a 2-part interaction with the blogs. On one hand, if I have some burning idea I have to write down, I can load that specific blog (usually from the dashboard) and write the entry, then ignore that topic... The second thing I can do is, if I wish to research a specific topic, I can open that specific blog and not get distracted by lots of other ideas within view (which was very common with the email organization).

It still has to be seen whether this will work long term for me... we'll see.