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06 December 2006

James Kim

In case you haven't heard yet, James Kims' body has been found.

I just heard about that.  I hate to say this but he should have never left the car.  I also don't understand what they were doing up there.  Its a one lane mountain road.  It makes no sence.  

Posted by Layne on Wed Dec 06 09:44:00 PST 2006
The news showed how Google Maps (as one example) showed the "best route" to go through those roads... it didn't take into account that they aren't good roads or that it was winter.

Posted by Malachi on Wed Dec 06 11:12:00 PST 2006
That is terribly sad.  Sounds like they just weren't used to the weather.  Crazy that stuff like that can still happen in this day and age. 

Posted by Sarah on Thu Dec 07 11:43:00 PST 2006