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29 December 2006

Major Changes to my Blog

So a year ago, our server was hacked and we lost everything.

Then the other day, I noticed that Blogger had maintained their own copy of my blogs... So, by telling them to go ahead and host it (instead of us) I was able to recover all 965 posts! That was awesome!

But, then I also had the Myspace Blog. Due to Myspace being so slow, crashing all the time, and consistently forcing me to log in again and again, I went ahead and said screw it, and decided to no longer update the myspace blog.

Today, I spent all day, but managed to integrate all 466 MySpace blog entries into this blog. There are some artifacts from this...

First, since I didn't want to use the Myspace-defined categories here, I went ahead and killed those categories. Instead, every ex-Myspace blog entry has a "MyspaceBlog" category, so that it is easy to select the entire group. I also went through and marked the News from the Net ;)

Another artifact was that Blogger + GData had serious problems posting comments. First, it wouldn't allow me to specify anyone else as the author. Ok, I can find a work around by simply posting who originally did it.. But, then it crashed with 1/2 the HTML I tried to use. So, to get around this issue, I said screw it and put the comments inline... While not required, I also modified my template to allow me to specify the colors, and now my comments look just like they did on myspace.

The other artifact is with the RSS feed. Even though it allowed me to publish them in the past, the RSS feed shows that they were updated most recently, so they will most likely show up in any RSS feed readers. Sorry - but I thought it was more important to get all my personal blogs integrated.

While there may be some temporary issues with the switch, I now have my original blog, my myspace blog, and my current blog all integrated. If you are looking for something specific, try the search box at the top left of the screen (or one of the labels if they are appropriate).

Thanks for your patience.