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04 September 2006


Ok, ok... I know... I just couldn't help it....

If you know about Yoshi, look what I did (mostly for Dino and Lauren).

If you don't know about Yoshi, you may want to check out Chris' blog first.

I keep talking about various shirt or bumper sticker ideas, so I will attempt to go ahead and start putting them online as I come up with them... Now what what that political/lemming one again?

** Oh, as a side note.... CafePress seems to be crashing a lot today. If it doesn't work,  just try again later. **

Mr Oax
Obviously you were distracted by this ladies...charms...and didn't catch that she's calling the name 'Toshi'...with a 'T'.  Though, to be fair I can see why a person would kinda miss that. ;)

Posted by Mr Oax on Mon Sep 04 01:22:00 PDT 2006
That is a T... :) Caligraphy T on the shirt (cuz I have no Japanese Font) and normal T in the name/description.

Does it not look like a T? Maybe I should redo it?

Posted by Malachi on Mon Sep 04 01:23:00 PDT 2006
Thats a capial T that rypes with P that stands for Pool!

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Mon Sep 04 01:44:00 PDT 2006
So Dino points out that I got the shirt right, but the blog post wrong. Damn T and Y are right next to each other. Oh well.

Posted by Malachi on Mon Sep 04 01:45:00 PDT 2006
Merciful Release
Malachi is teh roxors!  ..m/  ..m/ Toshi!!! You're SOOoooo GOOood! lol

Posted by Merciful Release on Mon Sep 04 02:44:00 PDT 2006