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14 September 2006

News from the Net

Segway once again recalls all Segway

The Royal Society put its archives online

The Senate has extended the governments illegal ability to wiretap without cause

A new PRIME has been found... 2^32582657 -1

OMFG!!! The new heavenly body that they have been trying to determine if it was going to be a planet or not has been named Eris!!!!!!

Scientists have found a galaxy 13 billion light-years away

A professor sells his lectures online

The Department of Homeland Security releases information on what to expect from their next coup.  This is just after the US Air Force suggests testing new weapons on American citizens.

A new type of hydrogen fuel cell contains 1/3rd more hydrogen than the same volume of liquit hydrogen

Congratz to Google for publishing Banned Books

VIA makes the first carbon-free CPU

From the TV News.... Police are now using a new laser gun to give tailgaiters tickets on the Sunset Highway -- unfortunately, when those guns were tested in Britain, it said a WALL was going 44 MPH

You might want to avoid going to some stores with your bluetooth teledildonics